In this world, there is a line you do not cross; you have to respect one another and make an even trade.  To the right, there is one of the many butterflies in this world. The Butterflies here are different from the ones in your world; they go by the name, Angst. The Angst can be foul, little beasts when mistreated. The Angst collect needles so they can knit things for themselves as well as in trade. At the bottom of their wings, they have a strong silk that they can use to unravel by creating or destroying things. Angst butterflies travel in a groups of a hundred or more. Their homes are created by using their woven silk and it hangs up high in the trees. 

A long, lanky fox, named Range, believes he is the law in this world. He is the one that started this chaos with the Angst butterflies. Range came to the Angst asking for a net to capture a creature who did not belong in their world. The Angst then asked the Range what he had in trade for them to make this net. Range said “nothing,” and demanded the Angst to make the net now. The butterflies were firm and answered “no,” telling Range to come back when he had some respect. Range then jumped and dove through a group of butterflies and took a wild bite. Range’s eyes bulged while the long strings of silk and needles hung from his mouth. Range acted without thinking: a mouth full of Angst butterflies is dangerous. 

He forgot that the wings of the Angst had a dusting on them that can put you into a deep, comatose, state. The Angst then started waving their wings rapidly in Range’s mouth releasing their deep, dream dust. Range passed out - the butterflies soaring out of his mouth. Before the Angst left, they made sure to tie up Range; when he woke up, he would have time to think about what he had done. The Angst then agreed, within their group that this was the final straw; they were tired of being bullied and needed to do something so history would not repeat itself. 

    This was not the first time someone had tried to eat the Angst; they were fed up and wanted their end of their lost trades. The Angst started searching for the animals that owed them, bringing them together to help the Angst with an agreeable task. The Angst needed to build a device so that they would no longer be threatened.

The Angst’ first step was to retrieve the Onyx Crystal from the Northern Mountain. The mountain was not from this world - It had fallen from the sky many years before life had begun. The Northern Mountain hovers over the ground as a whole, but it sits in a valley so it cannot move. The mountain appears to be a solid piece of Onyx; when you break a piece off it begins to float. 

    The Angst butterflies dispatched forest animals with string and nets they created to retrieve these magical crystals in order to even out the dues owed to them. However, none of the animals were able to break off the Onyx Crystals. The Downy woodpeckers were the only ones with strong enough beaks to break the crystals; they were able to break off crystals for the other animals. Everybody but the        woodpeckers transferred the crystals back to the Angst’ location in the woods. The other animals were scared, yet, moving fast, as to not want to upset the Angst, for they knew the threat they may turn out to be. Within hours, the piles of crystals were meeting the Angst’ needs for their “soon-to-be” creation. The Angst stated that they then needed hollowed-out trees from the forest.

On the final, run delivering the Onyx Crystals to the Angst, the Downy woodpeckers knew they had to get the trees. In a method of attack, they dive bombed in the rush of the return of the Onyx Crystals; nothing could stop them: they barreled through them like meteors crashing from outer space. The woodpeckers flew down to ground level, as large trees came crashing down around them. 

Upon arrival, the woodpeckers offered peace to the Angst; they gladly accepted their gift and gave their forgiveness to the Downy’s and forest animals that helped in the transportation of the Onyx Crystal.     Now, the Angst are searching for another group of forest animals, in debt to them, to hollow out the trees the Downy’s tore down.